onsdag 11. april 2012

queers do this
or is it that you're
afraid to die?
biceps, triceps, forceps,
what are you going to do
with muscles?
well, muscles please the the ladies
and keep the bullies
at bay—
is it worth it?
is it worth the collected works
of Balzac?
or a 3 week vacation
in Spain?
or, is it another way of
if you got paid to do it,
you'd hate it.
if a man got paid to make love,
he'd hate it.

still, one needs the
this writing game:
only the brain and soul get
quit your bitching and
do it.
while other people are
you're lifting a mountain
with rivers of poems
running off.

Diktet lifting weights at 2 a.m fra diktsamlingen Mockingbird Wish Me Luck av Charles Bukowski

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